Michael White (@1.8) vs Jordan Brown (@2.0)

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Michael White will win

Michael White – Jordan Brown Match Prediction | 04-10-2019 09:30

Momoi informs him about the match between Midorima and Kuroko, with Momoi predictably betting on Kuroko. During the finals in Block A in the Interhigh preliminaries, Seirin vs Shtoku, Aomine is seen for the first time. Momoi runs into him at the gym, where he is slacking off while the rest are having the preliminaries finals.

Aomine's reaction implied that he hadn't meant to make her cry and regretted it. Their friendship was tested when Aomine started to get bored with basketball and his attitude started to cause trouble. In the Character Bible, Aomine says that he wants to sleep in on his days off, but Momoi forces him to wake up and take her somewhere. It is shown that he does care about her very much but he lets his temper run away from him; when they had an argument about Momoi telling their coach to pull him off the team for injuries, he lost it and said that he didn't want to see her "or her ugly face" anymore.[67] Momoi burst in to tears, flung a clipboard at his face, and ran off, calling him a ganguro. Momoi stuck with him through thick and thin and also decided to attend T High with him because she was afraid he would do something if she wasn't there to keep and eye on him.

Kuroko then cuts to the chase and asks Aomine head-on to teach him how to shoot. Aomine replies that he ditched her. After their match in the first round of the Winter Cup, Kuroko calls Aomine out again the night after the match. He explains that the taste of defeat is bitter, but that he is still shaking from excitement. He says that his passion has somehow revived. They move to a nearby basketball court and Kuroko shows Aomine his shot and asks if it's any good. Aomine lashes out that he has no clue and gets mad about Kuroko just dragging him in. He sits down and says that he hasn't been able to sleep since that match. Aomine asks why he called all of a sudden, but Kuroko asks if Momoi isn't with him.

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He takes pieces of Sakurai's bento without asking and pulls a lame excuse when he is asked where he was. Aomine then picks up a stray basketball and mocks practice, saying that he doesn't need it as long as he performs well in matches. He gets irritated when a teammate complains about his absence and quickly departs after picking up his idol magazine. He dunks with ferocious power, breaking the basket. The team is on lunch break when Aomine returns to the gym. He leaves after stating that they can bug him about practice when they're better than him.[13]Imayoshi later comments than Aomine is forgiven for these acts because he is simply a sport-changing player. Suddenly, Wakamatsu stops him and grabs him by his collar in anger and shouts that he should go to practice. Aomine says that he's not very energetic and that he'll therefore let Wakamatsu off the hook this time, though he does violently kick him in the stomach shortly after.

Upon meeting, he notes that the latter surely picked up a fight. When Kuroko and Kagami arrive, they proceed to start things up. Then, a rivalry seem to start between him and Midorima, which Akashi insists that they forget. He was called by Kagetora Aida along with other Generation of Miracles, Kuroko and Kagami to play for "The Dream Team".

Aomine challenges Kagami and Kagami rudely asks him who he is. Aomine gives him his name and Kagami realizes that he's one of the Generation of Miracles. Aomine overpowers Kagami and tells him his partnership with Kuroko will fail because Kagami's "light is too dim", before dashing past him and finishing the one-on-one.[12] He meets up with Momoi afterwards, and tells her that Kagami is disappointing. After asking Momoi where Kagami is, Aomine finds him practicing at a street ball court. Aomine swats away Kagami's further questions and taunts him to take him on, in order to entertain him for a bit. Aomine belittles Kagami, and finally, Kagami takes him on, Aomine's arrogance angering him.

Kise tells him he keeps getting messages from his fan girls and Aomine tells him to go die. Aomine appears during the Winter Cup when Akashi has summoned the Generation to meet him. After threatening Kagami with Midorima's scissors, he turns to leave, angering Aomine, who then asks Akashi what the point in gathering them was if they did not confer about anything.[16] Akashi replies that he just wanted to check that they didn't forget their oath, which they apparently did not. Murasakibara retorts that Aomine always hasSatsukiaround, to which Aomine tells him to shut up. Kuroko greets them all and Aomine ordersKise to put his cellphone away because the constant ringing irritates him. Akashi arrives and greets them. He is seen spinning a basketball on his fingers when Kuroko arrives at the scene.[15] Noticing that Kuroko has brought Furihata with him, he makes fun of Kuroko for it.

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Aomine has the ability to an array of different movements based on his street ball background. He uses many feints, unnecessary movements and doesn't play a standard form of basketball.[58] With this style of play, he can score many creative baskets from the oddest of places on the court or the body, like from behind the backboard among other places[59], and a behind-the-back flick after drawing a foul.[60] Putting this all together, Aomine is very unpredictable and can easily crossover and get past Kagami at there meting in the interhigh. Kagami compares his style of play to the way they play basketball in the States.

Kagami attempts to shoot a formless shot but is intercepted by Aomine and misses.[25] With this the 1st quarter ends and the break begins with a score of 46 - 48 for T. Aomine is pressured by Kagami who is managing to keep up with him. His teammates note that Aomine has finally found an opponent he can play his hardest against and that he is beside himself with joy.[26] Imayoshi also tells the rest that Aomine still didn't play at his fullest yet. Aomine separates from his team and goes outside of the stadium.

Kise was still a complete rookie, apart from his copying ability, and Aomine was obviously stronger than him, but Aomine kept training with Kise, just because he loves basketball.[8] He taught Kise a lot and became his mentor/idol. During that time, Aomine also became the ace of the team. In his second year of Junior High school, Aomine inspired Kise to play basketball and he became his training partner.

On the court, Aomine prepares to shoot when he remembers Kuroko's words of aces carrying the team's wishes. Their teammates are surprised and notice the intense and monstrous play between the two while they are in the Zone. On the bench, Momoi notices that Aomine has returned to his former self and jet how much fun he is having now that he has found a worthy opponent to go all out against. Aomine and Kagami engage in a one-on-one battle while in the Zone. Both teams rely on their aces to score the baskets. Both players score constructive points during their counterattacks. Aomine shoots but is blocked by Kagami and falls down.[37] Both teams continue, head to head not giving in.


After their second match when Seirin finally defeated T,Aomine started to view Kagami as a worthy rival, someone he has been looking for so long to keep enjoying basketball. But in spite of that, Kagami recognizes Aomine for his skill and formidable power, which have reached the pinnacle of basketball. He even gave Kagami his spare shoes before the semi-final of Winter Cup. It has been said many times that Kagami and Aomine share a lot of similarities, both in skill and personality. While Aomine was in the Zone, Kagami did not feel fear but rather admiration.

Kuroko immediately faces off against Aomine when the match starts again and Aomine says to Kuroko that they really do have a great mutual understanding of basketball. The first quarter ends in a tie with Hyga and Sakurai's shoot-out. He says that their mutual sense of basketball is too bad and he steals Kuroko's ball. He then turns to Kuroko and threatens him that he can't beat him and that his effort was futile. They agree that they have to keep Kagami and Kuroko apart, but Aomine declines. During the pause, Momoi reveals to her team the secret to the Vanishing Drive. He drives to the basket and dunks the ball. It seems for an instant that Kuroko broke through, but Aomine turns and stops Kuroko.[20] He was closing his eyes, only relying on his sense of basketball and Kuroko's breath to follow him. Aomine sneers, saying he is better than Kuroko. Kuroko agrees and he and Kagami proceed to do the Vanishing Drive. He says that they should just let Kuroko do the Vanishing Drive, that Aomine will definitely stop him.